Mission Vision & Values

FMS will be people-focused centre of excellence for weather, climate, hydrological and ocean services.

To observe and understand regional weather, Fiji's climate and hydrological patterns, and provide meteorological and hydrological services.

  • Meet the needs of Fijian and international communities for weather, climate and hydrological data, associated forecasts, warnings, projections and other related information.
  • Monitor the climate of Fiji and advise on issues relating to the science of climate, climate change and variability, including extremes and changes impacting environmental risk.
  • Provide weather forecast, warning and advisory services for other Pacific Island Countries without local capabilities.
  • Function as a Regional Specialised Meteorological Centre (RSMC) for tropical cyclones, under the World Weather Watch Programme of the World Meteorological Organization (WMO).
  • Serve as the Meteorological Watch Authority (MWA) and the Meteorological Watch Office (MWO) for the Nadi Flight Information Region (FIR) and other specified areas as per International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) designation, for the purpose of international air navigation.
  • Provide meteorological forecast and warning services for international shipping in the tropical South-West Pacific waters, in accordance with WMO and International Oceanic Commission requirements.
  • Maintain, sustain and develop Fiji's meteorological and hydrological observation networks, to WMO, ICAO and International Standards Officer (ISO) standards.
  • Maintain, sustain and develop the Service's information and telecommunication hardware and systems to internationally agreed standards, ensuring timely exchange and dissemination of meteorological, hydrological, and related information and
  • Provide and facilitate meteorological and hydrological training for Fiji and the Pacific Island countries as well as awareness and education Fijian communities.